Witchcraft And More In the City of Salem Massachussetts

Salem is a beautiful coastal city with a rich history that is located in Essex county of Massachusetts. Being on the North Shore of the state, it is considered a bedrock of history. The city also forms a seaport town that dates back several centuries.

The iconic places here are numerous. Hence, if you are planning to visit Salem, ensure that you have time in hand to explore the interesting historic past of this city that are preserved in several museums and architectural landmarks around the city. Known for the infamous with trials which were held here in 1692, the city features in The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Even today you will find witch logos on police cars around the city and athletic teams in Salem High school named as Witches as well as Gallows Hill, the latter signifying a site where there were several hangings in public. The modern city houses several eateries and vibrant cosmopolitan districts around town. The McIntire Historic District is a must visit which is named after the famous architect of the area, Samuel McIntire.

The different places of tourist attraction around the city reflect its unique historic past. The Salem witch museum should be first on your list that has exhibits that tell the history of the witch trials which were held here. There are tours and stage sets as well as details of witchcraft as exists even today in this region.

A similar place that never fails to excite tourists is the witch dungeon museum. Here witch trials are enacted and guided dungeon tours are given through a replica dungeon that is created here.

You can continue the legend of witches and witchcraft that existed here by visiting the 17th century home called The Witch House. The historic home offers self guided tours that showcase life as existed here in the 17th century and during the Salem witch trials.

The Canobie lake park is a popular area for family outings. There are rides of different kinds as well as shows in the theme park by the lake that is kid friendly.

Peabody Essex Museum is another place of tourist attraction here that has artifacts and art exhibits along with a garden restaurant and an atrium.