Top Places To Visit In Greece

Greece attracts tourists from all over the globe due to different reasons. It was the birthplace of ancient civilization and still has some of the best historic monuments of the world. The region has also developed economically in the past few decades and continues to dominate the surrounding regions. Apart from that, the amazing climate and friendly atmosphere coupled with scenic locations becomes the center point of attraction for tourists.


Situated on top of the Acropolis in Greece, the temple dates back to 447 BC and has a lot of historical significance. The earliest temple that was destroyed by Persians has been reconstructed and it now resembles a fortress. The place also has a mosque and a church that brings in visitors from all faiths to this amazing location.


The region also has the distinction of being the birthplace of democracy and has an important place in world history. Also being the capital of Greece, this region has many heritage sites, including the Acropolis and Daphni monastery. Some of the oldest antiquities of Greek empire can be found in the National Archeological Museum of this place.


The city is the best destination for carnival festivals and you can find it bigger and better than Brazil. The amazing parade of boats and other attractions mark the beginning of the festivals and millions of tourists come to this place to enjoy the carnival with friends and family members.


As per popular travel sites, this has the best archeological excavations of ancient ruins and people come here to enjoy the beautiful and stunning view of ancient structures that are still preserved today. The enticing locals of this place make it a convenient place for family tourists and they can get to stay in some of the best places in the city during the vacation.