Pensacola: Be in Pensacola to Spend Holiday and Have Fun Time

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This is a waterfront city. The city is wonderful and offer lots of fun and scenic beauty for visitors. The main attraction of Pensacola is its protected beaches.  I was told that this might be an amazing experience. I would like to share here what I like most in the city so that when you are here, you don’t anything important.

Historic Pensacola Village

I started my tour of Pensacola from this spot only and the reason for the same was when I Google Pensacola, the first place that came was this. This is a historical place; this is the first multi-year European settlement of America. The place is well maintained and you get lots of information about history, which make your visit to this place worthy. To get a tremendous amount of knowledge, you have to pay a small fee of 8$.

Naval Aviation Museum

This museum is the aerospace and military museum. It is present at Pensacola, Naval Air Station. This is really inspiring and mesmerizing to see a military museum, so many arms and weapon used in wars. To visit this museum you have to have an ID card.

Fort Barrancas

It is the fort of the US military and also a landmark. There is a high level of security all over. The fort has huge importance in national security and therefore, it is worth visiting this place. Personally, I like this place a lot.

Pensacola Bay

After checking some museums and historical places, I headed to Pensacola Bay also known by the name Florida Panhandle. The bay not only has some wonderful beaches but have amazing scenic beauty.

Museum of Art

It is one of the favorite tourist destinations. It is the only museum dedicated to art and has some wonderful collection.