The 5 Best Tourist Attractions In Bogota, Colombia

Bogota is the high-altitude capital of Colombia. It is a very popular destination for tourists visiting Colombia as this city houses many museums, churches, markets, etc.

  • Gold Museum – a feast for all gold lovers

Treat your eyes with a glittering gold collection of the Hispanic age and also get to see a wide range of artifacts from various periods in this wonderful Gold Museum. The most impressive part of this museum is, of course, the collection of gold. This is an iconic museum that shows you intricate and amazing gold collection that will be a feast for your eyes.

  • Monseratte – the pilgrimage mountain of Bogota

The Monseratte is a pilgrim mountain that is located over 3000 meters above the sea level in Bogota, Colombia. There is a religious retreat located on the very top of the mountain and it was built in the 1650s. Reach the retreat to get a panoramic view of Bogota city and also watch the sunset over the city. ‘El Señor Caido’ or The Fallen Saint is the statue you should never miss on top of this mountain. 

  • Simon Bolivar Central Park – the greenery of Bogota

This is a large green space that is located in the heart of the city. It has over 400 acres of the lake surrounded by trees and greenery that is a spectacle for the eyes. This is a park that is home to different national flora. You will find walkways, bike paths and a public library in this park.

  • Museo Santa Clara – never miss the interior decorations of this church

Santa Clara is one of the oldest churches in Colombia that took more than 50 years to build. It was built in the 17th century and has an extravagant decoration that will be a pleasing sight for your eyes. The attractions inside include 50 saint sculptures, gold floral ceiling, etc.

  • Jardin Botanico de Bogota – the botanical park of Bogota

This is the largest floral garden in Colombia that has rose gardens, medicinal plants, and different varieties of flowering plants. You will come across 5000 different varieties of orchids in this garden.

Witchcraft And More In the City of Salem Massachussetts

Salem is a beautiful coastal city with a rich history that is located in Essex county of Massachusetts. Being on the North Shore of the state, it is considered a bedrock of history. The city also forms a seaport town that dates back several centuries.

The iconic places here are numerous. Hence, if you are planning to visit Salem, ensure that you have time in hand to explore the interesting historic past of this city that are preserved in several museums and architectural landmarks around the city. Known for the infamous with trials which were held here in 1692, the city features in The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Even today you will find witch logos on police cars around the city and athletic teams in Salem High school named as Witches as well as Gallows Hill, the latter signifying a site where there were several hangings in public. The modern city houses several eateries and vibrant cosmopolitan districts around town. The McIntire Historic District is a must visit which is named after the famous architect of the area, Samuel McIntire.

The different places of tourist attraction around the city reflect its unique historic past. The Salem witch museum should be first on your list that has exhibits that tell the history of the witch trials which were held here. There are tours and stage sets as well as details of witchcraft as exists even today in this region.

A similar place that never fails to excite tourists is the witch dungeon museum. Here witch trials are enacted and guided dungeon tours are given through a replica dungeon that is created here.

You can continue the legend of witches and witchcraft that existed here by visiting the 17th century home called The Witch House. The historic home offers self guided tours that showcase life as existed here in the 17th century and during the Salem witch trials.

The Canobie lake park is a popular area for family outings. There are rides of different kinds as well as shows in the theme park by the lake that is kid friendly.

Peabody Essex Museum is another place of tourist attraction here that has artifacts and art exhibits along with a garden restaurant and an atrium.

What you MUST check out when visiting Chicago…

You have to live under a rock to not know of the city of Chicago. Planning your next trip to the third largest city of the entire U.S.? Great decision! The city is one of the most urbanized places you’ll get to see in the world with its tall skyscrapers lining Lake Michigan in the Midwest. The city is known for its modernization, performing arts, food, technology, parks and sandy beaches.

Chicago in Literature and Media

The city of Chicago has received a lot of recognition in international media and English literature. Some of your favorite movies are set here including Adventures in Babysitting, Batman Begins and The Blue Brothers.

There are a number of award-winning books centered on Chicago as well such the Sin in the Second City, Sister Carrie and The Time Traveler’s Wife.

Activities in Chicago

When you’re visiting Chicago, prepare to constantly be on your feet. The city is full of activities and it may be impossible to list all of them here. If you’re planning to stay for a few days, make sure you don’t miss out on some of the most popular sights and things to do!

Relax at the sandy beaches of Chicago and soak up the sun on the Oak Street and North Avenue Beaches. You can also show off your love for sports by playing volleyball at the beach.

The parks of Chicago are another must visit areas. Waterfront parks like the Grant Park and Hyde Park are names every American has heard of. Other parks worth mentioning are the Washington Park and the Jackson Park. If you’re with your family, spending a day in Chicago’s parks is an excellent idea!

The city also holds a number of arts and music festivals throughout the year so the city is full of energy all the time. Taste of Chicago is one of the largest food festivals in the world and if you’re a real foodie, you can’t miss out on it! Music festivals like the Blues Fest, the Lollapalooza and the Jazz Fest are also excellent shows for those who appreciate music.

Sights in Chicago

Just like every other city of the U.S., Chicago has a number of museums and heritage centers of its own. Some of these include the Museum Campus, the Art Institute of Chicago and the International Museum of Surgical Science.

Chicago is not a city you can explore in a few days. Heck, even locals living for decades haven’t discovered all the secrets of the city. Make sure you take your sweet time exploring the streets and cultures of this beautiful place!

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Major Attractions To Visit In Udaipur

Udaipur is a major tourist location in the State of Rajasthan in India. This city was built by the Rajput king, Maharana Udai Singh in 1553. This city is well known for the historic places, scenic locations, forts, temples, and palaces. It is known as the “City Of Lakes” as five major lakes flow through it. The important tourist attractions are listed below

City Palace

This palace built in 1559 is located on the eastern bank of Lake Pichola and is an architectural marvel. This is the largest royal complex in the state with 11 palaces, pavilions, rooms, hanging gardens, courtyards, and terraces. The museum in the complex exhibits some of the finest artistic creations from Rajput culture.

Jag Mandir

This exquisite palace was constructed by Maharanas of Mewar kingdom on an estuary Island in Lake Pichola. This was the summer resort of the royal family. You can reach the mandir by boat and jag mandir is famous for the exceptional architecture and marble and sandstone carvings.

Fateh Sagar Lake

This is an artificial lake which extends to 2.4 km in length and 1.6 km in width. There are three small islands located in this lake and can be reached by boat. There is a park and a zoo located on the largest island.  You can relax in the serene location.


This village contains cottages with art and craft products from different states in India. You will be able to meet and interact with the artisans. There will be cultural programs from different regions of India during weekends. You can shop the different products from different parts of India at a cheaper price by visiting this place.

Bharatiya Lok Kala Mandal

If you want to experience the rich and vast tradition and folk culture of the villages in Rajasthan visit this pace. There will be folk and tribal dances and puppet shows which depict the Rajasthani culture. Tickets to the show can be booked in advance.

Top Places To Visit In Greece

Greece attracts tourists from all over the globe due to different reasons. It was the birthplace of ancient civilization and still has some of the best historic monuments of the world. The region has also developed economically in the past few decades and continues to dominate the surrounding regions. Apart from that, the amazing climate and friendly atmosphere coupled with scenic locations becomes the center point of attraction for tourists.


Situated on top of the Acropolis in Greece, the temple dates back to 447 BC and has a lot of historical significance. The earliest temple that was destroyed by Persians has been reconstructed and it now resembles a fortress. The place also has a mosque and a church that brings in visitors from all faiths to this amazing location.


The region also has the distinction of being the birthplace of democracy and has an important place in world history. Also being the capital of Greece, this region has many heritage sites, including the Acropolis and Daphni monastery. Some of the oldest antiquities of Greek empire can be found in the National Archeological Museum of this place.


The city is the best destination for carnival festivals and you can find it bigger and better than Brazil. The amazing parade of boats and other attractions mark the beginning of the festivals and millions of tourists come to this place to enjoy the carnival with friends and family members.


As per popular travel sites, this has the best archeological excavations of ancient ruins and people come here to enjoy the beautiful and stunning view of ancient structures that are still preserved today. The enticing locals of this place make it a convenient place for family tourists and they can get to stay in some of the best places in the city during the vacation.

Ziplining Experiences In The Mountains Of Hawaii

Hawaii received statehood for US in the year 1959. Located in Oceania, it is a state that is made up of islands entirely. Being in the central Pacific Ocean, it is one state that lies beyond the boundaries of North America.

The state is comprised of volcanic islands mainly. There are about hundreds of islands that span 1500 miles. There are eight main islands here that spread from northwest to southeast. Among these Maui and Island of Hawaii are most visited. The diverse scenery of the region, its tropical climate, oceanic landscape, active volcanoes and public beaches are some of the reasons that Hawaii remains a sought after destination for many which include surfers, tourists, volcanologists and biologists. There are diverse cultural and communal influences here from Asians, indigenous Hawaiian tribes and North Americans who are natives of the place. There are about a million or more permanent residents spread out across the islands of this state.

Hawaiian archipelago comprised of volcanic mountains and there are islets and small rocks spread across the islands. The mountains, islets and rock formations are erosional, marine sedimentary and volcanic by nature. The tallest mountain here is Mauna Kea, which is about 13796 ft above sea level; the base of this mountain rises from the Pacific Ocean floor due to which it measures even more than Mount Everest.

For those who wish to have a heart racing adventure in Hawaii will find several Zipline adventure tours waiting for them here. There are daring and longer as well as higher rides as well as some which are easier and gentler. Many originate from rope bridges while others have aerial tree platforms and rappelling included.  

One can try known zip line tours like Keana Farms North Shore adventure, Princeville tour that is found on Kauai Island; there are others like Kualoa ranch adventure, zip lining at the Coral Crater adventure park and so forth.

Visiting Culebra & Why It’s Better Than Going To The Big All-Inclusive Resorts

If you come to Isla Culebra in Puerto Rico, Spanish for Snake Island, it is an island municipality that is about 17 miles from Puerto Rican mainland. It is located about 12 miles to the west of St Thomas and 9 miles when you travel north of Vieques. Culebra is an island that comprises of 5 wards; there is a downtown area called Culebra Pueblo or Dewey as well as an administrative center. The locals of the island are known as Culebrenses; the population is sparse, which makes it a unique and exclusive resort or luxury getaway destination for many.

Being the last island of the Virgin Islands archipelago, it is also known as Ultima Virgen or Isla Chiquita which translates as Little Island. As per the history of the place, Christopher Columbus arrived here around 1493; it was later colonized and Carib Indians had their settlements here. The island remained abandoned for long after that and later Spanish settlements took over the region. Culebra is considered an archipelago where there are several small islands that surround a main island. The region has a long winding shoreline and the coasts are characterized by sandy beaches, mangrove forests and cliffs. Mount Resaca is the tallest point here as well as Balcon Hill. Ensenada Honda is a harbor here, the largest of the island and is considered to be secure from hurricanes. One can enjoy touring the different lagoons to be found around the island such as Flamenco, Zoni, and Corcho.

Those who are looking for an exclusive island getaway will find the rustic landscape and rich nature reserves here much more enticing than any modern luxury resort destination. Here one of the oldest bird sanctuaries is to be found as well as wildlife that is rare and unique to this part of the world.


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Bridgeport – An Exotic City by the Sea

Image result for Bridgeport  city"Bridgeport, the famed seaport city in Connecticut, is located at the shores of Pequonnock River. Adorned with long sandy beaches, the city has several historic locations that are well preserved by district authorities. Besides shopping streets, museums, and old churches the city has many resorts and restaurants that cordially welcome guests. Listed below are the most memorable destinations that made my stay in the city truly worthwhile.

Seaside Park

If you are looking for a family outing place, Seaside Park can be a good choice. The 2-mile stretch and the beachfront recreational amenities can keep you relaxed for several hours. The well-kept beach is quite large and offers a perfect location for an evening stroll. The park comes with recreational facilities like benches, toilets, and showers. There are also a few playgrounds including a skate park and a splash pad. The views from the park are simply amazing. The white sandy beach accompanied by the calm sea water makes it a perfect site for swimming.

Beardsley Zoo

Beardsley Zoo is yet another popular sport in the city that witnessed many tourists daily. Even though the land area is limited, the zoo is well kept and houses many animals and birds. Some of the notable animals exhibited are Amur leopards, Amur tigers, American alligators, Amazon tree boas, bald eagles, howler monkeys, rat snake, boa constrictor, and Brazilian Ocelot. The popular birds you get to watch here are boat-billed Herons, cattle egret, vampire bat, great horned owl, and Harris’s hawk. The admission fee is $15 per person.

Barnum Museum

Located at 820 Main Street is the famed Barnum Museum that displays different objects associated with the life of P T Barnum, the celebrated American showman. The museum building is quite beautiful and has made its way into the National Register of Historic Places. The place also houses several artifacts associated with the historic background of Bridgeport and nearby regions.