Masada – The City That Never Gets Old

Image result for Masada cityMasada is located at the highest point of Israel; it is situated on the westernmost plateau. From the top of the Masada, you can overlook the amazing Dead Sea and the far stretched valley, the plateau was discovered by the first men of the Roman Jewish. It was found back in 66 AD and was used for fortifying several wars they were a part of. The city is the ancient icon of Israel and holds its history close to itself. In case you want to visit any of the top hills including the plateau, then you will get several options including the cable cars. Here are some of the must visit places.

Masada Museum

This museum was built under the visiting center of Masada. The same was built at a remarkable height on the outskirts of the city and rather than being a commercialized building, it was made out of brown sandstones and has been remained like that. The first impression I received when I got there that is of some ruins but it is way more than that. The museum holds some sumptuous artifacts to display; it holds tools that were used by medieval wives to conduct their daily needs. They also house the artifacts that were discovered while the center was being dug from the ground. You can take either the guided tour or the audio tour. The audio tour I suggest is better.

Northern Palace

Standing atop the plateaus in the northernmost region of the city outskirts, sits the most popular ruined palace of its time, the northern palace. The palace is based on three different levels and structures. The top of the palace was used as the then time’s ruler’s bedrooms and private rooms. The second level was used for the women personal activities and however, they wanted to spend their times. And the last and ground level used to house the visitors to the palace and the outsiders. The top of the palace had covered terraces for keeping a bird’s eye on any trespassers.