Katu Is The Destination You Must Look For

The place which has quite a sad history has now finally evolved into a beautiful, quiet travel destination. Famous for the cultural buzz, ethnic diversity, intricate history and social aspects of this township should be the reasons you embark on one of its two-wheel tours. The best way to see the municipality is to take a bike tour while sipping on some chilled drink (a chilled beer maybe) with your friend.

It is very strange to quote how the literal translation of this place which happens to lie on the north of the Windhoek area, goes with an unfortunate and depressing meaning that refers to a ‘place where no one intends to live’ which is entirely relatable to the deplorable and hard history which the district has been through.

We could witness how well the township had preserved its vibrant culture even though it is currently in severe poverty status. The place is a Must visit considering how real and raw visuals from the urban Namibia dwellers can be experienced considering hoe the area happens to be both safest as well as light on the pocket. The excursion that lasted for about 3.5 hours and that took on a bike, gave us an excellent chance to talk and interact with the residents from Katutura and also buy local crafts followed by the ever wanted food tasting wherein we cannot forget the Kapana meat which is traditional.

The local markets sell some perfect arts and craft items, house decors, clothes, and jewelry and foot wares.

Places to eat

    • Leo’s At The Castle
    • Joe’s Beerhouse
    • La Marmite
    • Nyama Restaurant
    • Rocomamas

Where to stay?

    • Hotel Thule
    • The Olive Exclusive
    • Hilltop Guesthouse
    • Galton House
    • Villa Moringa Guest House

If you are bored with your ravishing and noisy life, just like we were, Kate is just the right place for you. With its age-old survivorship, it revives your soul. The peace and friendliness of the people will make you come alive again. If you haven’t visited it already then plan it today with your gang. This will be a trip; you won’t forget.