Mecca – The City of Trusts

Image result for Mecca cityMecca is the most popular tourist destination around Saudi Arabia and was also rewarded for the same. No person of the Muslim community has never visited this place. The place holds great both religious and historical importance among the community. Mecca is the place where Muhammad was born and became the first Prophet of the Mecca Masjid. The city is famous for celebrating their cultural festivals with great sophistication and poise, but the locals celebrate their festivals with complete enthusiasm. There are numerous mosques that are located in the city. These mosques provide for Islamic culture and hold it very close and tight. Here are some places you can visit.

The Grand Mosque

As its name suggests, The Grand Mosque is the only biggest mosque around the whole world, and Muslims from around the world, no matter which corner come and visit this mosque in expectations of their Allah’s blessings. They believe that every good, bad, right or wrong is their Allah’s decision and this is why they head to the mosques. The mosque itself can host over a million deities at a time. The grand mosques apart from its main Dargah hold two more important structures that will be their holy well and black square.


Mina is a town inside of Mecca spread across fifteen kilometers and is made out of only tents. You can find no proper mud or concrete structure whatsoever. Everyone in this town lives inside these tents, and they consider this as a punishment from their Allah. It is believed by the folks that if any person does something which is wrong in their Allah’s eyes, they have to swear off luxury and live in tents to gain Allah’s forgiveness. When you will enter the town, both the sides will be covered with tents, the left ones act as street markets and the right ones is that of the citizens.