Catch The Endless Sightseeing In Hobart

Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, reflects the rich colonial heritage and excellent food and wine options. My favorite area was the Salamanca which had many buildings dating back to hundreds of years.

Places to visit

We visited Mona Museum of Hobart. Its founder describes it as Disneyland for Adults. We visited the harbor of the town and Salamanca markets.

We loved wandering the suburbs of the Battery Point and admired the luxurious homes and rose gardens. We even explored the Female Factory of Cascades. We enjoyed our visit to Cascade Brewery, Australia’s oldest brewery offering many beers on a lovely terrace seating. Luckily we got a clear day to view Mt Wellington which was a 21km drive to the peak.

We even visited the Museum and Art gallery of Tasmania that pays heed to the cultural history of the state. We went via public bus from Hobart to Port Arthur, with unusual yet violent times in history. One of our favorite experiences was Bruny Island cruise where we got to see wildlife, caves and seals, dolphins and seabirds. It was a tour for a full day, including a bus tour, crossing on the ferry and wilderness for 3 hours.

Though there is a queue there during lunch, Daci and Daci bakers offer pies, salads, and pastries along with an excellent range of bread. We cherished the food at Fish Frenzy, that offered grilled seafood and seafood chowder besides fish and chips and the main attraction is near the Hobart waterfront. We enjoyed the muffins and great coffee at Machine Laundry Café.

One can reach Hobart seamlessly via domestic flights from major cities across Australia. It is recommended for one to spend at least a week in the town when touring Australia as it offers a blend of cultural and modern experience.

One Can’t Get Enough Of Darwin For Their Holidays

Darwin is a vibrant, multicultural and unique destination, a perfect winter getaway.

Places to visit

I visited Adelaide River, which was a 70 km ride from the center of the city, a perfect habitat for saltwater crocodiles. Then I went to the National Park of Litchfield that is an hour is situated almost an hour from the city. It had water walls with water that was crystal clear and bush walks that could easily tread upon.

I explored Darwin’s new hangout, the Waterfront precinct that resides in the heart of the city. One can enjoy the fantastic nocturnal views at Mitchell Street bars. Its cuisine has a lot of Asian touches. There are excellent restaurants such as the Wharf of Stokes that offers seafood platters along with Cullen Bay.


I had a substantial breakfast at Cool Café. One can enjoy the sangria from a settee, at Moorish Café that offers multi-cuisine tapas. One may even go for the sandbar coupled with a cocktail at SkyCity Casino. One of the local’s favorite is Hanuman restaurant that provides a blend of Thai, Indian and Noyna Cuisine. I even tried the fresh oysters at Yots.

Another excellent location can be Hilton Darwin that is multicultural and offers entertainment and shopping hub. Even to have a local experience, one may stay at Wildman Wilderness Lodge.

I visited Mindil Beach Market, held from Thursdays up until Sundays starting from March up until November. It is a vibrant blend of lifestyles and foods from across the world this open-air market.  I even attended the festival in Darwin, held every August and provide a lot of outdoor activities and events along with theatre and music.

It is recommended that you visit Darwin for at least a week to cover all the sight-seeing stuff.