What has Fortaleza to Offer for its Tourists?

Image result for fortaleza brazilFortaleza is one of the most popular and iconic places to visit on a trip to Brazil. It is a land that has some attractive beaches, excellent and happening culture and also a very good place to shop. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to this wonderful city.

Places of Attraction 


  • Beira-Ma


This is a beach sidewalk in this wonderful city. I was thrilled to visit this sidewalk as I had heard a lot about it. Apart from catching the wonderful sight of the beach and the waves, you also get to enjoy the best things to eat like ice creams, Brazilian street food and also meet a lot of the locals.  


  • Museum of Ceara


If you are looking to know about the culture, history, and the art of Brazil, then you should never give this museum a miss. It is the first public museum of the country and was opened in 1932. Some of the exhibits here include paintings, war weapons, artifacts, coins, medals, etc. 


  • Nossa Senhora De Assuncao Fort


Its history goes a long way as far as 1649. It was built by the Dutch and was renamed as a fortress when this city was officially formed in 1726. A few portions of this fort are open to the public. You should not miss the exhibition hall devoted to General Antonio de Sampaio who a Ceara war hero. 


  • Metropolitan Cathedral of Fortaleza


This church is the third largest in Brazil and has the capacity to accommodate 5000 worshippers at one go. It is built in Roman style and is a massive attraction of Fortaleza. I was very happy to take a look at this gigantic cathedral and am sure that it would impress you with its interior and exterior looks.


  • Mercado Central


If you are looking to take back memorabilia of this wonderful city, then do not miss to visit this market place. It has over 500 kiosks and you can find a lot of things like textiles, crafts, bags, palm baskets, etc., here.

Mecca – The City of Trusts

Image result for Mecca cityMecca is the most popular tourist destination around Saudi Arabia and was also rewarded for the same. No person of the Muslim community has never visited this place. The place holds great both religious and historical importance among the community. Mecca is the place where Muhammad was born and became the first Prophet of the Mecca Masjid. The city is famous for celebrating their cultural festivals with great sophistication and poise, but the locals celebrate their festivals with complete enthusiasm. There are numerous mosques that are located in the city. These mosques provide for Islamic culture and hold it very close and tight. Here are some places you can visit.

The Grand Mosque

As its name suggests, The Grand Mosque is the only biggest mosque around the whole world, and Muslims from around the world, no matter which corner come and visit this mosque in expectations of their Allah’s blessings. They believe that every good, bad, right or wrong is their Allah’s decision and this is why they head to the mosques. The mosque itself can host over a million deities at a time. The grand mosques apart from its main Dargah hold two more important structures that will be their holy well and black square.


Mina is a town inside of Mecca spread across fifteen kilometers and is made out of only tents. You can find no proper mud or concrete structure whatsoever. Everyone in this town lives inside these tents, and they consider this as a punishment from their Allah. It is believed by the folks that if any person does something which is wrong in their Allah’s eyes, they have to swear off luxury and live in tents to gain Allah’s forgiveness. When you will enter the town, both the sides will be covered with tents, the left ones act as street markets and the right ones is that of the citizens.

Masada – The City That Never Gets Old

Image result for Masada cityMasada is located at the highest point of Israel; it is situated on the westernmost plateau. From the top of the Masada, you can overlook the amazing Dead Sea and the far stretched valley, the plateau was discovered by the first men of the Roman Jewish. It was found back in 66 AD and was used for fortifying several wars they were a part of. The city is the ancient icon of Israel and holds its history close to itself. In case you want to visit any of the top hills including the plateau, then you will get several options including the cable cars. Here are some of the must visit places.

Masada Museum

This museum was built under the visiting center of Masada. The same was built at a remarkable height on the outskirts of the city and rather than being a commercialized building, it was made out of brown sandstones and has been remained like that. The first impression I received when I got there that is of some ruins but it is way more than that. The museum holds some sumptuous artifacts to display; it holds tools that were used by medieval wives to conduct their daily needs. They also house the artifacts that were discovered while the center was being dug from the ground. You can take either the guided tour or the audio tour. The audio tour I suggest is better.

Northern Palace

Standing atop the plateaus in the northernmost region of the city outskirts, sits the most popular ruined palace of its time, the northern palace. The palace is based on three different levels and structures. The top of the palace was used as the then time’s ruler’s bedrooms and private rooms. The second level was used for the women personal activities and however, they wanted to spend their times. And the last and ground level used to house the visitors to the palace and the outsiders. The top of the palace had covered terraces for keeping a bird’s eye on any trespassers.

Pensacola: Be in Pensacola to Spend Holiday and Have Fun Time

Image result for Spend Holiday Pensacola

This is a waterfront city. The city is wonderful and offer lots of fun and scenic beauty for visitors. The main attraction of Pensacola is its protected beaches.  I was told that this might be an amazing experience. I would like to share here what I like most in the city so that when you are here, you don’t anything important.

Historic Pensacola Village

I started my tour of Pensacola from this spot only and the reason for the same was when I Google Pensacola, the first place that came was this. This is a historical place; this is the first multi-year European settlement of America. The place is well maintained and you get lots of information about history, which make your visit to this place worthy. To get a tremendous amount of knowledge, you have to pay a small fee of 8$.

Naval Aviation Museum

This museum is the aerospace and military museum. It is present at Pensacola, Naval Air Station. This is really inspiring and mesmerizing to see a military museum, so many arms and weapon used in wars. To visit this museum you have to have an ID card.

Fort Barrancas

It is the fort of the US military and also a landmark. There is a high level of security all over. The fort has huge importance in national security and therefore, it is worth visiting this place. Personally, I like this place a lot.

Pensacola Bay

After checking some museums and historical places, I headed to Pensacola Bay also known by the name Florida Panhandle. The bay not only has some wonderful beaches but have amazing scenic beauty.

Museum of Art

It is one of the favorite tourist destinations. It is the only museum dedicated to art and has some wonderful collection.

Zermatt: Explore a Plethora of Attractions

Zermatt village lies high at Valais Alps. It is situated beneath the legendary and incomparable Matterhorn. Believe it or not, this peak offers an invigorating site. Stand anywhere and click a photo, it is going to appear like a postcard. There are plenty of things that you can do here. If you are visiting Zermatt anytime soon, here are few things that you need to check out.

The Matterhorn

This is a famous peak in Switzerland and is as famous as Mount Fuji. However, do not try to climb it if you are not an expert mountaineer. The peak is shaped like a pyramid. This is a landmark that you will be able to marvel from a distance. There are several vantage points for this. I have to say the view was simply ethereal.

Klein Matterhorn

The next peak that mesmerized me was the Klein Matterhorn. This is 3,883 meters high. In order to get to the top, it took the aerial tramway. You will be surprised to know that this is the highest point in Europe which is accessible through this form of transport. When I reached the top, I found the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. Here, you will find a tunnel that is going to lead you through Breithorn Plateau. The view at the top is just mesmerizing.


Do not forget to check out the highest-open air railway of Europe. The Gornergrat Bahn will take you up to the observation platform which is above 3000 meters. This railway had been laid down in 1896. It is fully electrified rack line of the world. The complete trip took thirty-three minutes and the train took us over the ravines and larch forest. Ultimately, you will arrive at the platform which is at the center of the tourist development.

Cabo San Lucas: Treat Yourself To A Trip With Natural Beauty

Nestled at the tip of Baja California, it is a city where the desert meets the ocean. Cabo San Lucas took my heart away with its natural beauty. Irrespective of where you are, you are simply a block away from a beach. That is the beauty of the city. Here, you can be a part of many outdoor activities, drink, dance, and have fun all night long. I planned a trip to Cabo San Lucas at the last minute. However, I have to say that it has left me spellbound. Here are some of the attractions you need to check out when you are in Cabo San Lucas.

  • Take a cruise to Watch Whale

If you want to the large and mighty whale, the Sea of Cortez is the place to be. The whale watching season might begin from early November. However, it usually runs from the month of December to the month of April every year. The water surrounding Cabo is the breeding hotspot. As a matter of fact, it is a migratory humpback for the whales. Hence, the chance to catch a glimpse of whales is pretty high.

  • Take a Dip in the Lover’s Beach Water

Divorce beach and lover’s beach is connected together in their own island Land’s End. The one looking into the bay is Lover’s Beach. The water is calm and is ideal for swimming. I couldn’t help taking a dip. However, Divorce waves have turbulent waves and you should avoid going swimming because of the unsafe conditions. Reach Lover’s Beach early as it gets crowded during the midday.

  • Kayaking, Parasailing, and Jet Skiing at Medano Beach

Love water sports? Visit the Medano Beach, the main beach of Cabo San Lucas. You can take part in kayaking, jet skiing, and parasailing.  There are several restaurants and bars where you will be able to kick and spend some time with a drink.

Katu Is The Destination You Must Look For

The place which has quite a sad history has now finally evolved into a beautiful, quiet travel destination. Famous for the cultural buzz, ethnic diversity, intricate history and social aspects of this township should be the reasons you embark on one of its two-wheel tours. The best way to see the municipality is to take a bike tour while sipping on some chilled drink (a chilled beer maybe) with your friend.

It is very strange to quote how the literal translation of this place which happens to lie on the north of the Windhoek area, goes with an unfortunate and depressing meaning that refers to a ‘place where no one intends to live’ which is entirely relatable to the deplorable and hard history which the district has been through.

We could witness how well the township had preserved its vibrant culture even though it is currently in severe poverty status. The place is a Must visit considering how real and raw visuals from the urban Namibia dwellers can be experienced considering hoe the area happens to be both safest as well as light on the pocket. The excursion that lasted for about 3.5 hours and that took on a bike, gave us an excellent chance to talk and interact with the residents from Katutura and also buy local crafts followed by the ever wanted food tasting wherein we cannot forget the Kapana meat which is traditional.

The local markets sell some perfect arts and craft items, house decors, clothes, and jewelry and foot wares.

Places to eat

    • Leo’s At The Castle
    • Joe’s Beerhouse
    • La Marmite
    • Nyama Restaurant
    • Rocomamas

Where to stay?

    • Hotel Thule
    • The Olive Exclusive
    • Hilltop Guesthouse
    • Galton House
    • Villa Moringa Guest House

If you are bored with your ravishing and noisy life, just like we were, Kate is just the right place for you. With its age-old survivorship, it revives your soul. The peace and friendliness of the people will make you come alive again. If you haven’t visited it already then plan it today with your gang. This will be a trip; you won’t forget.

Jakarta – One Of The Most Popular Asian Tourist Destination

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. It is located along the coast of Java. It is a popular Asian tourist destination that attracts people from different parts of the world including Asia and Europe. The city is known for its historic places in addition, architectural monuments, art museums, parks, theme parks, shopping center, and gardens. Beautiful natural beaches are yet another factor that attracts lots of international tourists to this colorful city. If you are in Jakarta, some of the best places to visit are as follows.

Istiqlal Mosque

Located in Central Jakarta, Istiqlal Mosque is one of the most beautiful religious sites in Indonesia. Built in 1978, the mosque is quite large in terms of capacity and can hold up to 200,000 people. The Sunni mosque is not just a religious place, but also a center for hosting seminars, lectures, and conferences of national importance. The architecture of the entire structure is quite impressive and the interiors are meticulously decorated.

Ragunan Zoo

A day tour to Ragunan Zoo made my Jakarta visit truly adventurous. Located at Pasar Minggu, the zoo is quite vast and spans over an area of 140 hectares. The place is home to many endangered animal species like Sumatran Tigers, peacocks, gorillas etc. The tour is perfect for those who enjoy exploring. It took me several hours to cover the major parts of the zoo. The place has over 3100 species of animals and birds.  The trip can be more jovial if you are traveling in a group.

Jakarta Cathedral

Located in Central Jakarta, the cathedral is one of the most-celebrated religious destinations in the city. Built in the year 1901, the cathedral is a fine example of Gothic Revival architecture. Visiting the church was a sacred experience for me. I found the interiors to be quite attractive with its beautiful altar and grand nave. The site is definitely one of the most historic places in Indonesia.

Catch The Endless Sightseeing In Hobart

Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, reflects the rich colonial heritage and excellent food and wine options. My favorite area was the Salamanca which had many buildings dating back to hundreds of years.

Places to visit

We visited Mona Museum of Hobart. Its founder describes it as Disneyland for Adults. We visited the harbor of the town and Salamanca markets.

We loved wandering the suburbs of the Battery Point and admired the luxurious homes and rose gardens. We even explored the Female Factory of Cascades. We enjoyed our visit to Cascade Brewery, Australia’s oldest brewery offering many beers on a lovely terrace seating. Luckily we got a clear day to view Mt Wellington which was a 21km drive to the peak.

We even visited the Museum and Art gallery of Tasmania that pays heed to the cultural history of the state. We went via public bus from Hobart to Port Arthur, with unusual yet violent times in history. One of our favorite experiences was Bruny Island cruise where we got to see wildlife, caves and seals, dolphins and seabirds. It was a tour for a full day, including a bus tour, crossing on the ferry and wilderness for 3 hours.

Though there is a queue there during lunch, Daci and Daci bakers offer pies, salads, and pastries along with an excellent range of bread. We cherished the food at Fish Frenzy, that offered grilled seafood and seafood chowder besides fish and chips and the main attraction is near the Hobart waterfront. We enjoyed the muffins and great coffee at Machine Laundry Café.

One can reach Hobart seamlessly via domestic flights from major cities across Australia. It is recommended for one to spend at least a week in the town when touring Australia as it offers a blend of cultural and modern experience.

One Can’t Get Enough Of Darwin For Their Holidays

Darwin is a vibrant, multicultural and unique destination, a perfect winter getaway.

Places to visit

I visited Adelaide River, which was a 70 km ride from the center of the city, a perfect habitat for saltwater crocodiles. Then I went to the National Park of Litchfield that is an hour is situated almost an hour from the city. It had water walls with water that was crystal clear and bush walks that could easily tread upon.

I explored Darwin’s new hangout, the Waterfront precinct that resides in the heart of the city. One can enjoy the fantastic nocturnal views at Mitchell Street bars. Its cuisine has a lot of Asian touches. There are excellent restaurants such as the Wharf of Stokes that offers seafood platters along with Cullen Bay.


I had a substantial breakfast at Cool Café. One can enjoy the sangria from a settee, at Moorish Café that offers multi-cuisine tapas. One may even go for the sandbar coupled with a cocktail at SkyCity Casino. One of the local’s favorite is Hanuman restaurant that provides a blend of Thai, Indian and Noyna Cuisine. I even tried the fresh oysters at Yots.

Another excellent location can be Hilton Darwin that is multicultural and offers entertainment and shopping hub. Even to have a local experience, one may stay at Wildman Wilderness Lodge.

I visited Mindil Beach Market, held from Thursdays up until Sundays starting from March up until November. It is a vibrant blend of lifestyles and foods from across the world this open-air market.  I even attended the festival in Darwin, held every August and provide a lot of outdoor activities and events along with theatre and music.

It is recommended that you visit Darwin for at least a week to cover all the sight-seeing stuff.